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Winning mentality
Winning mentality

Quique Setién has warned that it will not be easy to beat Girona, but he is confident in the physical and mental recovery of his players

Villarreal CF head coach Quique Setién said this afternoon that he sees his team ready to face a new challenge in the match against Girona this Sunday at the Estadio de la Cerámica (2pm CET). Not even the narrow defeat in the Copa del Rey has dampened the team’s hopes.

A number of absentees

“It’s true that there are players who are carrying some problems, so we’ll see how they evolve. It’s always better to have all the players to be able to decide, but I have a good squad and I have the reserve team, so these circumstances tend to happen throughout the season and you have to adapt to them. We’ve been caught at a difficult time, as we’ve had some very demanding games. But I don’t want it to be an excuse that we have absentees, as I said, I have players, I have lads from the reserve team and I have a squad to work with and I don’t want to make excuses.”

Physical and mental recovery of the group

“You always have to take into account that you can lose, so I always like to talk about the sensations of the games. For me this last game against Real Madrid the feelings were positive, so I draw good conclusions from what happened. Whereas there are games that you win in which you don’t do things so well, so the conclusions you draw are not so good. What we need to focus on is the next game, we shouldn’t be obsessed with what happened and focus on what’s to come. The key is to know what you’ve done wrong and what you need to improve, but to focus on Girona.”

Support of the fans

“Obviously the support of the crowd is important, we had it the other day and I’m sure we will always have it. I think the team is working well, and that makes people stay with u.s”

Analysing Girona

“Girona’s stats may not be relevant, but they are a team that I love. They are a team with a lot of mechanisms, with a lot of mobility and they play very good football. They always commit their opponents in every game. I think the coach has done a great job, so it’s a complicated team. It’s a team that forces you to make good decisions and to be very intelligent in every pla.y”