GROGUET, our talisman

Our mascot is called ‘Groguet’ and its design is representative of ‘the Submarine’, the affectionate name Villarreal CF is known by in LaLiga.

It was not hard to choose the colours for the mascot, which are the same yellow and blue worn by the team and the Villarreal CF fans that fill the stands of the Estadio de la Cerámica at every home match.

The mascot, officially presented on 26th October 2001, has a strong body, its head is the shape of a submarine but is still human-like in its form and expressions. ‘Groguet’ represents the hopes the club has to make Villarreal CF a strong and established team in the top flight of Spanish football.

Once the design was chosen the club organized a ‘naming contest’ for the mascot, in which all children under the age of fifteen from the Castellón province were allowed to participate.

On 13th December 2001, the panel of judges chose the name ‘Groguet’ from the many names suggested. Twelve-year-old Javier Fuster Almela, from Vila-real, came up with the original name.

The judging panel was formed by Jesús Unanua and Unai Vergara, Villarreal CF players at that time, Vila-real Deputy Mayor Ramón Tomás, Villarreal CF Counsellor, Manolo Gumbau, President of the Fan Club Association, Susana García, and season-ticket holder, Trinidad Santamaría.

From 2001 right up until today, our fans count on the presence of ‘Groguet’ before and during half-time of every home match at the Estadio de la Cerámica What’s more, the club’s Official Shop has a lot of mascot merchandise for sale.