Ciudad Deportiva (Villarreal CF Training Ground Offices) / Camino Miralcamp s\n / 12540 Vila-real (Castellón)

Villarreal CF Training Ground

Few European football clubs can boast one of the best ‘engine rooms’ in the continent. Not in vain, the Villarreal CF Training Ground (Ciudad Deportiva) is one of the best training facilities around nowadays and its hectic daily activity is proof of the generous effort made by the club in both sporting and social aspects; making our Training Ground one of the most important football complexes in Europe.

Measuring 80,000m² and containing nine football pitches, it is the work home of not only our First Team, but also of all those who make up the Reserve, Academy and Ladies’ teams. In addition, it houses the Residence for the young boys who play for the Reserve and Academy teams that come from all over the world to develop as footballers. This facility is located on Miralcamp street in Vila-real and is also enjoyed daily by fans who wish to visit and watch open training sessions and players playing in local, regional, school, university and veteran tournaments.

The Training Ground facilities are made up of five artificial grass pitches, three natural grass pitches, a multiuse area and two large buildings. The bigger of the two being the Residence, which serves as headquarters for the First Team and the Reserve and Academy teams too. The second building is home to the offices, where all the administrative staff and the offices of the Board of Directors are housed.

Training Pitches

The Villarreal CF Training Ground has three, 11-a-side natural grass pitches, all with lighting: one is where the First Team train on a daily basis, while the other two are used by the Reserve teams, one for training and the other being the pitch of the Mini Estadi where they play their matches. The Mini Estadi has a capacity of 3,500.

Furthermore, there are two 11-a-side artificial grass pitches measuring 90 x 60m and 100 x 65m, both with lighting and both with the possibility to be turned into two 7-a-side football pitches (60 x 35m), making it an option to play both at day and night and suitable for all Villarreal squads.

The Training Ground also is home to three eight-a-side pitches (60x35m), where the players aged U12 and under – the ‘alevín’, ‘benjamín’ and ‘prebenjamín’ sides – all play and train.

The Training Ground also has two buildings, the older one acting as the Residence. On the first floor of this facility are the full changing rooms for professional use, an area for the club doctors, a fitness room, gym, a hydro-massage room and several offices for the Management team.

On the second floor is the cafeteria with an outdoor terrace and views of the football pitches, a kitchen and the Residence – which also occupies the third floor- that can house over one hundred young footballers all looking to become professional players for Villarreal. The Residence welcomes young players from 14 to 18 years from all over Spain and the world. These promising young footballers have tutors and do their studies in Vila-real. In this way, the almost one hundred youths in the Residence can dedicate their time to playing football and also to studying.


The growth of Villarreal, however, is not exclusively to do with sports. In fact, the Submarine have added a new offices building, of more than 1,500m², situated opposite the First Team’s training pitch, housing the Yellows’ Directors offices. From the Marketing, Communications and Protocol Departments to the Management Secretary and the Board of Directors offices, there is room for everything in this large, modern and practical building that also has a cafeteria for the Yellows fans and even a Travel Agency.

Therefore, as the Residence used to also houses the offices and the cafeteria it can now be completely dedicated to the sporting area of the club, giving the Reserve and Academy teams’ young footballers more peace and quiet.

The first-team residence, the new home for the Yellows

The Yellows home. Inaugurated in 2018, the Villarreal residence is the normal meeting place for the first team before matches. With a superficie of nearly 1,000 squared metres, the modern facility based in the José Manuel Llaneza Training Ground has 21 bedrooms, a conference room, two living rooms and a spectacular terrace. Furthermore, this space is designed with cutting-edge material, finished to the highest quality and with technology in all bedrooms. 

The residence, pioneering in European football, is in the same building as the first-team dressing room, gym and private clinic, which are on the ground floor.

Reserve and Academy footballers

As far as Spanish football goes, the facilities of the Villarreal CF Training Ground’s Residence are, without a doubt, a reference for many LaLiga clubs. In fact, some Residences at other important football clubs follow the example of the Yellows’ Residence down to the smallest details.

Approximately one hundred youths are living in the Residence at the Training Ground, which occupies two floors of the building, and have everything they need to feel comfortable and at ease to successfully combine their training and academic obligations. The youngest players, that make up the U12 (Alevín), U14 (Infantil) and U16 (Cadete) teams, live on the first floor, while the second floor is home to the U19 (Juvenil) players and coordinators. The coordinators monitor the boys to make sure they behave well, do their homework and also enjoy their leisure time, with the games room, television room, library and computers with internet all on site. These talented youths come from all over Spain and also from other countries.