A football academy

As far as Spanish football goes, the facilities of the Villarreal CF Training Ground’s Residence are, without a doubt, a reference for many LaLiga clubs. In fact, some Residences at other important football clubs follow the example of the Yellows’ Residence down to the smallest details.

Approximately one hundred youths are living in the Residence at the Training Ground, which occupies two floors of the building, and have everything they need to feel comfortable and at ease to successfully combine their training and academic obligations. The youngest players, that make up the U12 (Alevín), U14 (Infantil) and U16 (Cadete) teams, live on the first floor, while the second floor is home to the U19 (Juvenil) players and coordinators. The coordinators monitor the boys to make sure they behave well, do their homework and also enjoy their leisure time, with the games room, television room, library and computers with internet all on site. These talented youths come from all over Spain and also from other countries.