A boost to our province

Villarreal CF, through the corporate brand ‘Endavant’, carries out its Corporate Social Responsibility program, with the aim of collaborating with the promotion of the province of Castellón through the different activities that it has been carrying out for more than a decade with social, cultural, sports, educational and tourist purposes. The club, a model in sports and exemplary for its healthy economy, after having decided to renounce public subsidies, has always demonstrated its social involvement and commitment beyond sport.

Since 2004 it has sponsored clubs and athletes from the province to promote the progress of sport in Castellón. It also shows its most supportive side by collaborating economically and socially with countless Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), institutions and associations.

Another aspect in which the entity pays special attention is children. Villarreal has its own children’s club, Club Groguet, whose main objective is to instill values ​​such as sports, health and equality. The club maintains an agreement with different university centers to promote training, research, the dissemination of knowledge and innovation in the field of sport, in addition to distributing scholarships to its athletes.

In addition, it also supports the culture of our region. And, finally, the entity has become an ambassador for the most representative towns in the province with the aim of promoting tourism in Castellón, promoting social and cultural activity, one of the basic engines of the economy.

The Endavant project encompasses the following areas:

Endavant Esports: Villarreal CF sponsors clubs and athletes from the province of Castellón, with the aim of collaborating in growth and promoting elite sport in our territory.

Endavant Província: The yellow club allocates efforts and resources to promote tourism in the province of Castellón, also promoting the economic and cultural activity of the different municipalities of our province.

Endavant Solidaritat: Villarreal CF collaborates with a wide variety of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), institutions, foundations, associations and provincial and regional centers, providing them with support, resources and visibility.

Endavant Igualtat: The 11-a-side football teams from the Cantera Grogueta sponsor a special center in the province of Castellón, with which they carry out all kinds of activities during the season and share enriching experiences.

Endavant Formació: Villarreal CF maintains a collaboration agreement with the main university centers in the province of Castellón, such as the Universitat Jaume I and the CEU-Universidad Cardenal Herrera. It also has an agreement with IES Miralcamp.

Endavant Culture: The ‘groguet’ club is committed to supporting culture, leisure and sports in the province of Castellón. Thus, the entity carries out actions that promote cultural activity in our territory, promoting works, festivals and events held in our province.

Endavant Club Groguet: The yellow entity has its own children’s club, Club Groguet. Created in 2007, it brings together boys and girls from both the province of Castellón and the rest of Spain, with the aim of instilling values ​​such as sport, health and equality among the youngest.