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Following in their father’s footseps
Following in their father’s footseps

Gonzalo and Martín, sons of José Carlos ‘Huracán’ Tabares, are learning under the Villarreal CF methodology

Gonzalo y Martín Tabares, jugadores del Alevín A Roda y Mini B, son los hijos del exfutbolista argentino José Carlos ‘Huracán’ Tabares, afincado en Burriana. Ahora sus hijos siguen sus pasos bajo la metodología de la Cantera Grogueta. El primero es delantero como su padre y el segundo, por el momento, parece que domina la posición de mediocentro ofensivo en su primer año de competición.

Gonzalo and Martín Tabares, who play for Roda U12s (Alevín A Roda) and Villarreal U8s (Mini B), are the sons of former Argentinian footballer José Carlos ‘Huracán’ Tabares, now based in Burriana. Now his sons are following in his footsteps under the Yellows Academy methodology. The former is a striker like his father and the latter, for the moment, seems to be dominating the attacking midfield position in his first year of competition.

The former striker goes to the José Manuel Llaneza Training Ground from Monday to Saturday, for training sessions and matches. “My parents-in-law help us to bring them to training. Martín trains from 17:45 while Gonzalo starts at 19:00. I’m free from 18.00, so we coordinate to bring them, but I’m very happy because I can come and watch the training sessions, which I love. There are days when I stay here until 21.00 hours enjoying them both,” says Tabares.

‘Huracán’ likes the methodology of the Yellows Academy and is happy to see his sons enjoying wearing yellow: “It’s a good club that works very well with the youth system. They are both enjoying it very much at a club that is becoming very big for everything it is doing. I tell them that they have to take it as a prize because there are a lot of kids who want to be here. They have to be grateful and take advantage of the experience to get the most out of it.”

Gonzalo joined the Submarine four seasons ago to join the U9s (Benjamín B), although the previous season he had already taken part in some training sessions with the same teammates in the U8s (Mini A) while playing for CD Salesianos de Burriana, where he began to stand out in the world of grassroots football.

The best memory of his first-born at Villarreal, as Tabares explains, “was a game against Real Madrid in which he scored a goal and for him it was something very nice. We also really enjoyed that tournament in which they came runners-up. I tell him that if he works hard he will be able to experience moments like that many more times,” he adds.

Martín, meanwhile, has joined this season the youngest members of the Yellows Academy, but they are already playing great football. Like his older brother, he comes from Burriana. His father comments on his quick adaptation process: “It’s a club where they work in a different way and where they train players. The first few years were difficult for Gonzalo because here there are more rules, as in football itself, but he’s enjoying it, he’s improving and you can see that this club works well. Martín is pure energy, unlike Gonzalo, who is calmer, and that helps him to get into Villarreal’s training sessions quickly.”

José Carlos Tabares scored dozens of goals in professional football and now he is a direct witness of how the coaches of Yellows’ youth football help their children to achieve that goalscoring instinct, among many other technical and tactical aspects on the pitch. The José Manuel Llaneza Training Ground has already experienced a few goals from these little ‘huracáns’ and many more are expected to follow.