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Villarreal join forces with Sergio García
Villarreal join forces with Sergio García

The club has signed a collaboration agreement with the Sergio García Golf Academy

Villarreal CF and the award-winning golfer from Castellón, Spain, Sergio García have joined forces. The club has signed a collaboration agreement with the recently founded Sergio García Golf Academy based at Mediterráneo Golf in Borriol.

Thanks to this agreement, the international players of the golf academy will be able to undergo medical examinations at the start of the season under the supervision of Villarreal CF’s medical services, anthropometry, quarterly blood tests and treatment of possible injuries. In addition, there will be workshops on physical preparation, nutrition and psychology.

Villarreal CF and Sergio García have always maintained a very close relationship and share many values in common, proudly carrying the name of the province all over the world.

To celebrate this agreement, Villarreal CF goalkeeper Pepe Reina enjoyed sharing a very special day with Sergio García at Mediterráneo Golf in Borriol.

More information about Sergio García Golf Academy

The Sergio García Golf Academy has developed an annual programme designed to improve and perfect young golfers between the ages of 13 and 18. The programme, developed under Sergio’s supervision and implemented by his father and coach, Victor Garcia, ensures his students receive top quality training in the sporting arena, accompanied by an academic course at a prestigious international school.

The Sergio Garcia Academy was created with the aim of teaching golf at the highest level for all ages under its own methodology. Within the academy’s programme, the star programme is the Junior Academy, where youngsters can enjoy playing their favourite sport while continuing their studies at an international educational centre.

The Academy tries to transmit the values that Sergio himself has lived by throughout his career. Humility when training and improving, perseverance and effort as well as self-improvement are some of the values he wants to transmit to his students.

To find out more about the Sergio García Golf Academy you can visit the official website.