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Pascual Font de Mora, the footballing president
Pascual Font de Mora, the footballing president

The sixth episode of ‘Centenary Memories’ covers the transcendental figure who was a former footballer and Villarreal CF president

Villarreal have launched the sixth episode of ‘Centenary Memories’, which looks at the figure of Pascual Font de Mora, former CAF Villarreal footballer and ex-Villarreal CF president. It is impossible to understand the history of the Yellows without Font de Mora.

Capítulo 6 de Memorias del Centenario: Pascual Font de Mora

Pascual Font de Mora is the only president in the club’s history who was a first team footballer, representing the club in the 1950s. Those who knew him as a player highlight his great quality and good touch.

His passion for Villarreal CF was such that he hung up his boots and became a director of the club, of which he would also end up as president. He saved Villarreal when necessary and led them with enthusiasm to the Second Division. When, for health reasons, he was no longer able to continue at the helm, he handed over to Fernando Roig, the current president of the club, who managed to continue Font de Mora’s dream: to take Villarreal to the top.

This special report features the voices of Joaquín Font de Mora and María José Font de Mora, children of Pascual Font de Mora; Julián García Candau, journalist from Vila-real; Miguel Batalla, son of Miguel Batalla, director of CAF Villarreal and former president of Villarreal CF; Adriano García, former Villarreal CF player and coach during Pascual Font de Mora’s time; Luis Moreno, former Villarreal player and former teammate of Pascual Font de Mora; Batiste González el Lluent, former Villarreal player and team-mate of Pascual Font de Mora; Esteban Linares, former Villarreal coach during the 1991-92 promotion season; Fernando Peris, son of Mayor Vicente Peris, who was a former CAF Villarreal player; and José Manuel Llaneza, former Villarreal CF vice-president.