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Pablo Iñiguez: “We appreciate it when the fans support us”
Pablo Iñiguez: “We appreciate it when the fans support us”

The Villarreal B centre-back urges the Yellows to cheer on the Mini Submarine against Andorra (Sunday, 6:30pm CET)

Villarreal B centre-back Pablo Iñiguez, who made his return to action last time out against Tenerife after a long injury, appeared at a press conference to analyse the Mini Submarine’s next opponents, FC Andorra (Sunday, 6.30pm CET), and his personal situation.

Here is what he had to say

Victory in Tenerife

“It was a very good weekend. We wanted the team to win, it was a very difficult game and Tenerife also needed points. The team was serious, organised and committed. We had to suffer because of being a man down, but the team sacrificed a lot and we were rewarded.”

Personal situation

“Personally, I’m very happy because I’m back to enjoying what I like and also with a victory, so I’m very happy”.

Digging in to get a big result

“We knew we had to take a step forward. We were much better in certain aspects such as set pieces and defensive vigilance. When we went a man down we had to put on our work overalls and many teammates stepped up in terms of communication, leadership… which is something that I, as captain, try to pass on to them and that will make us improve as a team.”


“The most important thing is to think about ourselves. We have to take into account Andorra’s strengths, an opponent we already know because we have played them for several years. We know what we want to do and we have to focus on that. If we are like we were the other day and we are a serious, organised team that doesn’t get desperate, we will have our chances. We want to win at home, which we haven’t done for a long time.”

Everyone to La Cerámica

“I encourage them to come. It’s a good time on a Sunday, the first team doesn’t have a fixture and it will be an attractive match between two teams that play good football and in a great stadium like ours. We notice when they support us and I encourage them to come.”

A coach on the pitch

“I’m going to try to be me, give them and bring the experience that the years have given me that they don’t have, but as Marce said yesterday, I’m not a saviour or a messiah, I’m trying to do my bit to help them and improve them, the team and myself. For me in football if you defend well and are a strong unit you have a lot to gain and even more so in the second division.”

A veteran in the B team

“It is important. It’s a formula that helped us during the promotion season and survival. Dela, Lozano, Migue, Gianni, myself… it’s something that always goes well because even though we’re a very talented team, there are obviously guys with little experience and very young… it’s necessary to have experienced people in the dressing room. I really enjoy being with young people, they make me feel younger and I think it’s good that they have people to advise them.”