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“My feelings keep improving”
“My feelings keep improving”


Mateo Musacchio says he’s feeling “very happy” after his return to the team


Mateo Musacchio can put a smile on his face again. The central defender has returned to feeling like a football player after having to deal with an unfortunate muscle injury. ”As opposed to the previous months, I’m overjoyed. Nobody is prepared to deal with an injury, because they’re always aggravating. Thankfully, that’s in the past. I’m very happy to rejoin the team at a great time and I’ve already forgotten everything I’ve been through.”, he commented.

Musacchio also comments: “I’d like to return to the phase where I played a lot and felt great. It’s an honor to compete with all these wonderful players, who can turn a negative feature into a positive one. I’ve played many matches during the previous years and am hoping to play many from now on, which is something I couldn’t for a long time.”

Despite his age, Musacchio has already established himself as one of the captains of the Submarine. “I’m proud of what the team has proven to be capable of. The team is in an excellent form and in sixth place. On top of that, we’re competing in three different competitions.” The Argentinian assures that he’s feeling better and better on the pitch as time goes by. “The rhythm was gone after not being able to play for such a long time. As of right now, I’m recovering and I expect to improve even more over the next couple of matches.”

About the upcoming matches, Musacchio claims that the team should not spend much time thinking about the historical semifinal against Barcelona and should concentrate on La Liga right now: “We’ll focus on Barcelona after we’ve played the difficult game against Granada that is ahead of us.”
Ultimately, the Argentinian analyzes Villarreal’s possibilities of advancing to the final of the Spanish Cup: “There’s always the possibility of advancing. Barcelona is the best team in the world, but we’re looking forward to performing in the first match and making it difficult for Barcelona in our stadium.”