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Marcelino, upset by the defeat
Marcelino, upset by the defeat


Marcelino believes that the Yellows played below its standard at Real Madrid


Villarreal coach Marcelino Garcia Toral, was disappointed after the defeat of his team against Real Madrid in a match where, according to the Spaniard, the yellows were well below capacity. “He has not given me the feeling that at any moment we could do something here. I believe that to succeed in this field we have to offer a much higher level of performance than we had. We have been overly contemplative and not very intense on defense and I think very repetitive and predictable. In the first goals we should have done much more. Moreover, in the second than in the first because the first is a single action that can happen, but I think in the second, we were very naïve or very soft . We have shown a competitive level which we usually offer. It is impossible to win here playing well. We have been a little intense in midfield and our back pressure vulnerable. We had only organization but that’s impossible to win and have had little depth”.

While aware of the potential targets, the preparer of the Submarine considered their side lacked much intensity. “Real Madrid is always a very good team because they have no individuality and makes you earn a goal. But I do not analyze corresponds to Madrid, but my team, and I think today has been far below what we can do. We showed a very weak level of dispute, little intensity. We have not made mistakes, we have not cut the counter, I think we were at the match too far from our level. If you come to play against Real Madrid and you are far from your highest level, it is impossible to win.”

To Marcelino, Villarreal knew not to hurt Real Madrid although the team came forward and at an optimum time. “I think if we had gotten two, Real Madrid would had gotten three, if they had three, they would have gotten four. It’s the feeling I had from the bench, we did not put in too much danger for the Madrid victory and never made ​​them suffer. There are many ways to lose, but I do not like this. It is good because it means that we have not played well. It’s sad because we were looking forward at a time when it was possible, and have given many opportunities.”