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“Villarreal is one of the places I’ve been happiest in my career”
“Villarreal is one of the places I’ve been happiest in my career”

Raúl Albiol is happy after renewing his contract with the Submarine

Villarreal CF defender Raúl Albiol appeared before the media this lunchtime alongside CEO Fernando Roig Negueroles a day after the club made official the renewal of his contract until 2024.

CEO Fernando Roig Negueroles, who presided over Raúl Albiol’s renewal ceremony, thanked the centre-back for his work and dedication during his four seasons as a Yellow: “We at the club are very grateful for his efforts during the four seasons he has been here and we hope to keep renewing him for more.”

Albiol, who was one of the players chosen in Villarreal CF’s historic XI, was happy to extend his contract with the Yellows. “I’m very happy. I’ve felt at home here since day one. I’ve always tried to give my best on the pitch to please everyone. I hope to get back to my best and continue to help the club as much as possible next season.”

Next season Raúl Albiol will become the oldest outfield player to represent the Yellows. However, Albiol admits that there is no secret to performing at the highest level at his age: “It’s about loving football, taking care of yourself, training and staying alive. The obsession of going out on the pitch and wanting to give your best is what keeps you passionate and, personally, wanting to compete feeds me on a day-to-day basis.”

The Spain international wanted to highlight the important role that the affection of the Yellows fans has played in his decision. “Villarreal have given me a lot. Napoli had always been where I had felt most loved and I thought I would never find anything like it, but here the club, the teammates and the fans have treated me phenomenally from day one. I will never be able to thank them for everything they have given me. Villarreal is one of the places where I have been happiest throughout my career.”

Finally, Albiol closed his appearance by talking about the team’s current situation: “We all want to play in the Champions League, but we are aware of the points gap, although there are five games left and anything can happen.”