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Villarreal B pay for a lack of cutting edge against Elche (0-1)
Villarreal B pay for a lack of cutting edge against Elche (0-1)

The Mini Submarine had enough chances to get the equaliser in the second half

Villarreal B lost to Elche CF at the Estadio de la Cerámica (0-1). Elche took the lead and the Mini Submarine fought hard in search of an equaliser, which they deserved and almost got. But the lack of accuracy ended up depriving them of a draw.

Elche took an early lead with a controversial goal at the Estadio de al Cerámica. Helped by a push, Nico Castro brought down Aitor Gelardo on the edge of the area as the Mini Submarino started to play out from the back. The referee did not signal for a foul and the Elche player beat Iker Álvarez with a lob. The action provoked protests and anger from the young players.

Miguel Álvarez’s team looked for a reaction and tried to score the equaliser. The Elche side showed their usual solidity and closed down the space at the back, but the visitors hardly had any chances. The best chance fell to Álex Forés on the verge of half-time with a powerful shot from the edge of the area that Dituro saved in two stages.

In the second half, the Mini Submarine had clear chances to equalise. Ten minutes into the second half, Álex Forés sent the ball against the post after controlling an excellent through ball from Carlos Romero in the corner of the box.

Villarreal B continued to push forward in search of an equaliser. With 15 minutes to go, Requena picked up a dead ball in the box and, although he was a little forced, his shot on goal was saved by the Elche goalkeeper. Soon after, Requena was again unsuccessful in a one-on-one against Dituro. The Granada midfielder picked up the rebound from a Forés shot and, again, was unable to convert a clear chance to make it 1-1.

The Mini Submarine had chances to equalise. But they were unable to convert them and were undeservedly punished with the defeat.