The Villarreal CF school kicks off in Sabadell
The Villarreal CF school kicks off in Sabadell

Marcos Senna was the special guest on a spectacular day open to all

Making its debut in style. Ex-player and current member of the Villarreal CF Institutional Relations Department, Marcos Senna, was present at the open door Villarreal CF ‘Escola de fútbol’ (Football School) session at the ‘Le Five de Sabadell’ sports facility. Everyone who attended the opening event had a great time on what was an unforgettable day for all.

If you are from the Castellón province, you live near to Sabadell and want to get involved in football, Villarreal CF offers you the chance to do so. The Villarreal CF Football School will take place at Sabadell, using the same successful methods it has been practicing for several seasons now at the Yellows Training Ground (Ciudad Deportiva).

The Villarreal CF Football School is a programme for boys and girls born between 2010 and 2013 and teaches them the club’s values. The aim of this project is that the youngsters have fun and at the same time, by means of a Psychomotor Skills for Kids course, work on the relationship between their body and mind, which they will discover themselves, and develop the capacity to think and relate, and improve their reaction and gestural speed, among other objectives.

The ‘Le Five’ facility is top notch. This sports venue is perfect for the development of the Football School, with its 5-a-side football pitches and the advantage that the football pitches are completely closed off as it is an indoor facility.  

Those interested in signing up for the Villarreal CF Football School in Sabadell can find out more information and how to do so on the official webiste: Villarreal CF Football School website