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The ‘Trofeu Villarreal CF’ Valencian pilota trophy launches its eighth edition
The ‘Trofeu Villarreal CF’ Valencian pilota trophy launches its eighth edition

The Vila-real Trinquet will host the semi-finals on 3rd and 10th May and the final will be on 17th May

The ‘VII Trofeu Villarreal CF’ was presented this Thursday at the ‘Trinquet Salvador Sagols’ in Vila-real. First-team players Alfonso Pedraza, Jorge Cuenca, Alberto Moreno and Kiko Femenía attended the presentation event, where they coincided with the participants of this prestigious professional tournament in the escala i corda format.

In this year’s edition, 20 players will participate in a total of eight teams, divided into two groups. The first group, Pro1, is made up of the teams Francés-Javi-Monrabal, Giner-Hilari-Héctor, J. Salvador-Nacho and Marc-Conillet-Carlos; and the second group, Pro2, is made up of Pablo-Bueno, Alejandro-Muedra-Óscar, Diego-Álvaro Mañas and Mario-Guillem Palau.

The semi-finals will be held on 3rd and 10th May, while the finals will take place on Friday 17th May, in the middle of Vila-real’s festivities in honour of the patron saint of Vila-real. The days will begin with the Pro2 group games, which will start at 5:30pm. Then, at 7pm, the Pro1 group matches will take place.

The Trofeu Villarreal CF, organised by the Federació de Pilota Valenciana, in collaboration with Villarreal CF, is one of the six competitions that form part of the Endavant Esports programme, a vertical part of the club’s CSR and sustainability project, aimed at promoting and encouraging provincial sport.