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A hard-fought point at Ipurua (0-0)
A hard-fought point at Ipurua (0-0)

The Yellows get a point against SD Eibar on a perfect pitch

Villarreal Women managed to earn a hard-earned point against SD Eibar (0-0). Sara Monforte’s side tried their best until the final whistle, but were unable to find the back of the net.

SD Eibar started the game with a lot of intensity. In fact, they were very solid in defence, making it difficult for the Yellows to attack, and dangerous going forward. In the 13th minute, Elena de Toro made a fine intervention to stop a Campos breakaway and, a few minutes later, it was Raquel Morcillo who cleared a very dangerous ball that Campos herself was about to finish off. In attack, the Yellows were unable to create too many chances, the clearest being a shot from Nerea, from a corner, which was cleared off the line by the Basque defenders.

The second half followed a similar dynamic to the first 45 minutes. Villarreal Women, despite the substitutions, were unable to create any dangerous chances to trouble the opposition goalkeeper, while the defenders had to work hard and hold firm to keep the scoreboard ticking over. All in all, a tough game in which the Yellows came away with a hard-earned point against a direct rival.

Villarreal Women’s next match, corresponding to Liga F Matchday 7, will take place on Saturday 4th November, at 12pm CET, against Real Sociedad at Zubieta.


SD Eibar: Miralles; Elba, Jujuba, Matlou; Annelie, Altonaga (m. 74, Zaïra), Amani, E. Pizarro, Eider; Andrea A., Campos (m. 74, Nati Cano).

Villarreal Femenino: Elena de Toro; Raquel, C. Cubedo, Giménez, Nerea; F. Lara (m. 74, Lucía G.), Soldevila, Claudia I., M. Llompart; Kanteh, McKenna (m. 80, Tere).

Árbitro: Marta Huerta de Aza. Booked: Annelie, Elba (SD Eibar); Soldevila (Villarreal).

Matchday information: Match corresponding to Gameweek 6 of Liga F against SD Eibar and Villarreal Women, ant Ipúrua. Attendance: 435.