A convincing win (0-3) 
A convincing win (0-3) 

Villarreal show clear superiority over Altach in their second pre-season game

In the first half, Setién’s men were in complete control of the game and the Submarine were in control of the chances. Cornering the home side from the start, Villarreal moved the ball around and tried to get forward down the flanks at speed.   

On the quarter of an hour mark, Chukwueze gave the Yellows the lead in a tight offside situation, but the referee ended up disallowing the Nigerian’s goal. Five minutes later, Gerard Moreno made no mistake and, from a corner kick, beat the Altach defence to make it 0-1 with an impeccable header. 

In the second half, the Austrians came out with renewed spirit, but Villarreal were not prepared to give in. With a completely revamped eleven from the first half, this time it was Ilias Akhomach -who wore the Submarine shirt for the first time- and Pedraza who gave the Altach backline a real headache.  

Highlights from SCR Altach 0-3 Villarreal CF

In the 57th minute, a spectacular run from the left-back with a cross-shot made it 0-2 for the Submarine, who once again saw their superiority on the pitch reflected on the scoreboard. The yellow domination did not end there. With a quarter of a minute to go, and after a scramble in the box, Terrats smashed an impeccable left-footed shot from close range into the box that the Alpine goalkeeper could do nothing about.  

The next -and third- stop for Villarreal will be next Saturday 22nd July at 2pm CEST against Hannover 96 at the HDI Arena in the German city. 


SCR Altach: (first half) Stojanovic; Felix Strauss, Gugganig, Bähre, Edokpolor, Zwischenbrugger, Aigner, Gustavo Santos, Jurcec, Gebauer, Nuhiu. (second half) Eckmayr; Nelson, Reiner, Bischof, Reiter, Lukacevic, Owusu, Maksimovic, Jäger, Jan Jurcec, Fadinger. 

Villarreal CF: (first half) Jorgensen; Kiko F., Mandi, Abraham, Alberto M.; Santi C.V., Parejo, Trigueros; Chukwueze, Gerard y Yeremy. (second half): Reina; A. Alti, Hugo Pérez, J. Cuenca, A. Pedraza; Denis Suárez, Terrats, Capoue; I. Akhomach, A.J. Morales, Ferrari. 

Goles: 0-1. Min. 21: Gerard Moreno. 0-2. Min. 57: Alfonso Pedraza. 0-3. Min. 74: Terrats. 

Referee: Daniel Pfister. 

Matchday information: Villarreal’s second pre-season match. Against SCR Altach at the Cashpoint Arena. Attendance: 2,735.