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“Victories taste better when we win like that”
“Victories taste better when we win like that”

The Asturian coach praised the attitude of his team, who won in the last minute

Villarreal CF head coach Marcelino García Toral has appeared before the media to analyse the Submarine’s epic last-minute win over Sevilla FC (3-2). Here are his most important comments on the victory:

The enjoyment of late victories

“Football is defined by how good you are in the penalty area and Sevilla were very accurate. Winning helps a lot, but if we had lost, we would have been happy with the attitude. But it’s true that after several games at La Cerámica, where the team couldn’t win, and doing it the way we did, in the end, the victory tastes better.”

An upward dynamic

“What happened in Sevilla will stay there. The important thing today is that we have achieved the victory, which our fans have enjoyed. We are now in a very different dynamic to the first leg. The positive dynamics of both teams led us to see a good game from both sides and we deserved to win.”

More resilience, synonymous with victories

“If we kept conceding three goals in every game, as we did before, we were going to struggle to hold on, but we have managed to improve our solidity and the results say so. But I never doubted that we were going to be saved. Just looking at the quality and attitude of the players, it was clear to me. Now we are a good team, but we can improve, of course. That’s for sure. We conceded a goal with very little from our opponents, but we have to be satisfied with their attitude. We played a great game today”.

Europe, a tough ask

“It’s very difficult because there are nine points left to play for another 12 points. Before we started this game there were three opponents in front of us, they are regular and we weren’t until now, we have to keep winning and continue with the same mentality.”