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“With talent, will and hard work we can go far”
“With talent, will and hard work we can go far”

Villarreal B head coach Miguel Álvarez is excited ahead of the league opener against Atlético Levante

El técnico del Villarreal B, Miguel Álvarez, se ha mostrado muy ilusionado justo antes del debut liguero del filial amarillo ante el Atlético Levante en el Mini Estadi (sábado, 19.00 horas). “Si ponemos talento, ilusión y trabajo podemos llegar lejos. La categoría es muy exigente en los cuatro grupos. Todos los equipos se han reforzado muy bien y muchos equipos tienen aspiraciones de play-off. Se están pagando hasta traspasos por jugadores”, comentó.

Villarreal B head coach Miguel Álvarez underlined his excitement ahead of the Mini Submarine’s league debut against Atlético Levante at the Mini Estadi (Saturday, 7pm CEST). “If we show our talent, our will and our hard work, we can go for. The league is tough in all four groups. Every team has strengthened well and many teams have play-off aspirations. There are even transfer fees for players,” he commented.

For the manager, the feelings from pre-season have been very good: “The feelings are very good. We’ve done something different and pre-season results weren’t important. We’ve played against big teams. We knew what we were going to find. I like to play against opponents you will face during the league. With three points in play it’s different. The match against Atlético Levante in pre-season helped us realise that there’s still a lot of work to do. The boys are getting better each day.”

With regards to changes in the squad, Miguel Álvarez said: “A lot of players have gone and we’ve started from fresh with youngsters. For a coach it’s great to start with new players, to be able to transmit your ideas to them. Each year there are a lot of changes, but that excites me. We have young players who are talented and ambitious. Saying that, it isn’t easy in Segunda B, every match is like a final and some of the boys haven’t played at this level, but I’m calm because we have a base of players from last year who have already played in the league. Everyone is important and no-one is indispensable. Those who were here last year will have to take a step forward so those who’ve arrived can grow. It’s a work in process.”

First up will be Atlético Levante, a game which will be shown on Villarreal CF Live and Levante TV: “It will be a tougher match than in pre-season. We’re more complete, but they are too. I’m excited because we’ll be facing a tough opponent and the team have been playing well,” he concluded.