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“We want to shed light on the history of the club”
“We want to shed light on the history of the club”

The Yellows president has presented the Historical Archive at the Tagoba Theatre in Vila-real

The Historical Archive is now a reality! Fernando Roig, Villarreal CF president, lead the ceremony at the Tagoba Theatre in Vila-real presenting the Historical Archive, a project whose aim is to gather all kinds of material related to the club that allows us to reconstruct and enjoy again different passages of the Submarine’s history.

“We wanted to take the definitive step to try to recover and reconstruct the history of Villarreal and that is why we have decided to create the club’s historical archive. To continue growing as a club, it is important to always remember where we come from and who we are,” said the president about the reasons that have led the club to launch this project.

He also explained: “With the archive we intend to shed light on the history of the club, which is also the history of the cit, and make it available to the people of the town and the fans.”

The Villarreal president address the club’s fans and insisted that their support is fundamental for the project to grow and come to fruition: “We want to ask all the fans who may have any historical material of the club to share it with us, because in this way they will really be sharing it with all the people of Vila-real. Photos, videos, shirts, boots, pennants, tickets… Everything can be relevant to nurture the archive.”

It should be noted that the archive will be located on one of the floors of the Fondo Norte of the new Estadio de la Cerámica, will have its own structure, will be open to the public and will be present in the museum that will be included in the remodelled stadium. “The club’s historical archive will also serve as a source of nourishment for the museum that Villarreal is working on and we want it to be a reference point for football in the Region of Valencia and Spain,” he added.

Finally, Roig thanked the Vila-real Town Council, the Jaume I University and the group of club fans who, together with Villarreal CF, have promoted this project.

You can get involved with the building of the Historical Archive, filling in the form here, contacting the club via the following telephone number (+34 964 500 250), or by going to the Town Centre store in the Plaza Mayor in Vila-real (Tuesday and Wednesday from 10am to 3pm and from 5pm to 8pm).