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“We understand the disappointment, but we need people on our side”
“We understand the disappointment, but we need people on our side”

Albiol has underlined the commitment of the squad and the desire to get the team back on track

Raúl Albiol appeared before the media this Wednesday to analyse the current situation at Villarreal CF. The captain made his opinion known and underlined the commitment of the squad and the firm will of the team to accumulate victories.

“It’s been a difficult start. That’s the truth. We need to work and be patient. That’s what will lead us to win games. It’s the only way to get closer to victory. Now we have another week to prepare for the Alavés game”, Albiol began.

The Yellows’ captain was close to the fans and, as well as understanding their disappointment, stressed that their support is essential for the team: “It’s normal that people are not happy with the start the team has made. The club and the fans are the fundamental pillars. We need the people on our side and we understand their disappointment. I just tell them that we need their support, as they have always done.”

Albiol went further, asking for support and reaffirming the commitment of the whole team. “We ask the people for their trust and support. It is essential that they are with us. They will help us to be strong at La Cerámica. The fans lift games. Sometimes by pushing and supporting, they can win games. And that’s what we want. We are going to improve the dynamic. We’ve done it, but we need more because it’s not enough. Don’t doubt the team’s commitment, we’re committed. There’s still a long way to go, it’s October. We don’t need to be afraid. Just think about the next game,” he said.

As for the situation, Albiol wants to forget about the table and focus on the day to day. “Today’s standings aren’t important. The important one is the one for the last game of the season. We can’t get obsessed now with looking at where we are. That’s not going to do us any good. We must focus on winning games, which is what will give us points. To win, the key is to improve and give continuity to what we are doing well. To be dominant for more than 60 minutes. If we can do that, we’ll gain confidence and the wins will come,” he said.

Following the philosophy proposed by Raúl Albiol, Villarreal CF’s next hurdle is Deportivo Alavés. “They are a tough opponent, who compete well and know what their league is. They have a clear objective and they know that they have to take points wherever they can. We have to prepare for the game and go out to enjoy ourselves. We are aware that we have to be focused and play a good game, but that’s all. We mustn’t get obsessed. We just need to focus on getting the win.”