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“We’re only thinking about winning”
“We’re only thinking about winning”

Unai Emery underlined that Granada are a competitive side capable of adapting to however the game may play out

Villarreal CF head coach Unai Emery appeared in front of the media to analyse the build-up to the game against Granada CF this Wednesday at the Estadio de la Cerámica (9:30pm CET).

Granada, a tough and competitive team

“They are a competitive team that will have a plan adapting to what we will offer, and what they are able to give. They are like a chameleon, they adapt very well to any situation. They are capable of using long balls, or creating longer pieces of build-up play, and progressing from there.”

The opponents’ strengths

“Defensively, they’re very strong. They’re a team who are very comfortable with transitions. They have players to run and use the spaces. They also can vary a lot, either using wing play or playing in the middle of the pitch.”

The key to the game

“The key to the match will be whether in the 90 minutes we are able to impose our playing style and win individual duels, impeding them from being able to impose their game plan.”

Winning mentality

“We’re thinking of getting the three points. Tomorrow we want to win, and to leave a direct rival like Granada further away in the table.”

Continuing the good work

“We’re on a journey with a good feeling. We’re working on an idea we all know, but there is a margin for improvement. We’re still in three competitions. In LaLiga, we need to be consistent. We feel comfortable where we are, but some points have slipped away from us. The draws have punished us more than we would have liked”.

An exciting, tough fight for Europe

“We can’t give up in the race for the Champions League. It motivates and excites us a lot. We want to aspire, despite not being favourites to be in the top four. If we find out best level, we will compete for those spots. We also want to have nice journeys in the Copa del Rey and the UEFA Europa League. We want to enjoy the three competitions.”