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“We need to make Madrid CFF feel uncomfortable”
“We need to make Madrid CFF feel uncomfortable”

Sara Monforte underlined the importance of the return of some absentees ahead of the upcoming match (Saturday, 12pm CET)

Villarreal Women coach, Sara Monforte, appeared before the media in the press conference prior to the match against Madrid CFF, corresponding to Matchday 9 of the 2022/23 Finetwork Liga F season. The match will take place on Saturday 19th November, from at 12pm CET, at the Estadio Fernando Torres. These are the key points she had to make:

The current situation

“We’ve had two weeks to work a bit and I think that’s been good for us. It was necessary to do a ‘reset’ to face this match in the best possible way. The team is doing very well and in a good moment. In addition, we are recovering some players, which is also important. This week we will probably be able to count on Pancha Lara.”

The opposition 

“What stands out most about Madrid CFF is their coach María Pry. If I’m not mistaken, although we had already played against each other as coach and I as a player, it’s the first time we’ve played against each other as coaches. Since she came to the team at the end of last season, her hand has been very noticeable. Madrid CFF is a team that is very clear about things, with a very well-defined structure. They have three centre-backs, which helps them to always achieve numerical superiority. They are also very quick up front.”

Keys to the game

“The key is to make them uncomfortable. They are a team that play in space and have a good inside game. We have to give them spaces in which they feel uncomfortable.”

Tere Morató and Pancha Lara

“They are two very important players who are going to give us a lot. Pancha is already going to be in the squad. Tere is starting to be included in the training sessions and we hope that we can count on her soon. The more players we have available, the better. And, above all, if they are important players like them. In fact, we saw last season that both Tere and Pancha were decisive.”