“We knew how to react and show our personality”
“We knew how to react and show our personality”

Unai Emery hailed the attitude and mentality of his team after they conceded a goal in the first minute of the match

Villarreal head coach Unai Emery appeared in front of the media to analyse the game against Juventus, corresponding to the first leg of the UEFA Champions League Round of 16.

The Yellows head coach underlined the maturity his side showed against Juventus FC: “We knew that they could score a goal against you at any time, especially in matches like this. We were capable of overcoming that and not getting down. We didn’t panic, we tried to control the game and attack as we looked for the victory.”

Emery also hailed how his side reacted after conceding a first-minute goal: “We reacted very well, we showed personality on the pitch. We want to compete at the top level, and go head-to-head with Juventus. The draw leaves the tie open and we can continue to compete.”

Finally, the Basque head coach praised the fans and sent a message of support for José Manuel Llaneza, with the fans dedicating various chants to him during the game: “They were spectacular. Fully involved from the fisrt minute. You could see a lot of yellow. We wanted them to feel proud of this team. I thought a lot about José Manuel Llaneza. We send him a big hug. This knockout tie is for him. We will go to Turin to compete and try and make him happy.”