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“We have a fantastic stadium to enjoy Villarreal”
“We have a fantastic stadium to enjoy Villarreal”

Fernando Roig has highlighted the club’s strong investment and predicted an exciting season

The president of Villarreal CF, Fernando Roig, led the presentation of the 23/24 season ticket campaign. The president of the Yellows unveiled all the new features for next season and assessed the current situation of the club.

“We have made a great effort with the renovation of the stadium. It has been an important investment for the club. We now have a fantastic ground and it has an impressive view, with great video scoreboards and a fantastic sound system. In addition, we are going to continue to include improvements,” said Roig.

The president also had words of thanks for the great response from the fans throughout the 22/23 season: “It was the centenary season. We did some work on the pitch and we had to travel to Valencia to see Villarreal play at the Ciutat de València. It was an effort for the people and we have to recognise that. We sold out all the season tickets, we had an average attendance of more than 17,000 people every game and there are 1,800 people on the waiting list. We are very satisfied.”

On the sporting front, Fernando Roig was once again very satisfied: “We have achieved our objectives. The first team has entered the Europa League, while Villarreal B and Villarreal Women have achieved survival. At the moment, it has to be said that we are the only Spanish club to have its three main teams in the national football elite.”

On the other hand, the president pointed out that the prices of season tickets have been raised compared to last season, but that they are still lower than those of other LaLiga clubs: “At the Estadio de la Cerámica, we will be able to enjoy 43 matches, between Villarreal and Villarreal B. The price per match is very low and the price per match is very low. The price per match is very cheap and all in a refurbished stadium that offers maximum comfort.”

Finally, Fernando Roig stressed that the club is once again rewarding attendance and encouraging youth attendance: “We will once again offer significant discounts for season ticket holders who come to the vast majority of first team matches and those under 26 years of age will only pay half the price of their pass. We will also once again discount money for pensioners.”