Villarreal reinforce their backing for Endavant Esports
Villarreal reinforce their backing for Endavant Esports

The Yellows maintain the budget for the project and will sponsor 39 athletes and 30 clubs this 2020/21 season

Villarreal have continued to show their commitment to provincial sport. The Yellows have presented the Endavant Esports Project for the current 2020/21 season, of which 39 sponsored athletes and 30 sponsored clubs will form part.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, and being aware of the uncertainty that surrounds the world of sport, Villarreal CF have continued their commitment to Endavant Esports, with an investment of more than €700,000 in this sponsorship project which contributes to and helps develop elite sport in the province of Castellón.

The initiative, which started in 2004 with support to Olympic medallist Pablo Herrera, reached nearly 10,000 athletes in the province of all ages and disciplines, who all benefit from the Yellows’ sponsorship project.

The spirit Endavant Esports is being able to help the growth of sport in Castellón, as part of the social commitment that the club has with its surroundings, trying to return to society and the province the support it receives. The project involves economic and sporting support, as the club, as well as giving economic support to those who are part of the project, also gives those involved use of its medical service, the use of its facilities and everything possible at its reach to help develop the athletes.

The 39 individual athletes who form part of the Endavant Esports projects are the following: Roberto Bautista (tennis), Pablo Herrera (beach volleyball), Sebastián Mora (cycling), Pablo Torrijos (athletics), Miguel Pérez (tennis), Lidón Muñoz (swimming), Ariadna Edo (Paralympic swimming), Jairo Noriega (boxing), Claudia Conte (athletics), Marta Fernández (canoeing), Osarumen Odeh (athletics), Vicente Claramonte (canoeing), Yunier Pérez (athletics), Pablo Ania (paddleboarding), Aitana Safont (athletics), Rafael Culla (golf), Jorge Dávila (athletics), Carla Masip (athletics), Pau Borillo (athletics), Carmen Jiménez (Valencian pilota), Eloy Hornero (atletismo), Diego López (Valencian pilota), Ariana Gómez (athletics), Carmen Ferrara (athletics), Pere Jiménez (athletics), Víctor Ruiz (athletics), Ainhoa Gimeno (athletics), Carmen Ramos (athletics), Carla Tejedo (golf), Óscar Pinto (tennis), Aida Beteta (cycling), Pau Martínez (athletics), Claudia Batalla (inline skating), Óscar Pelegrí (cycling), José Antonio Gallent (grappling), Adrià Sánchez (table tennis), Nacho Serra (tennis), Javier Puchol (Valencian pilota) y Sara Sorribes (tennis).

The 30 clubs that form part of the intiative are the following: CA Playas de Castellón (athletics), TAU Castelló (basketball), Servigroup Peñíscola FS (futsal), CV l’Illa Grau (volleyball), CFS Bisontes Castellón (futsal), Club Baloncesto Benicarló (basketball), Club Natación Castalia Castellón (swimming), CV Mediterráneo (volleyball), Molde Azul Alo Wagen Villarreal Fútbol Sala (futsal), Vila-real Bàsquet Club (basketball), Club Natación Vila-real (swimming), Club Waterpolo Castellón (water polo), CV Grau Castelló (volleyball), Club Patí Castalia (hockey), Club Esportiu Bàsquet Vila-real (basketball), Club Atletisme Vila-real (athletics), Club de Handbol Vila-real (handball), Hockey Club Castellón (hockey), Club Eolo Castellón (sailing), Vila-Swim Fondistas Club Natación (swimming), Club Almassora Balonmano (handball), Club Taekwondo Granjo (taekwondo), Club Tritons Vila-real (swimming), Vila-real Club Rugby Penyagolosa (rugby), Almassora Club Patí (skating), Club Patí Vila-real (inline skating), Club Triatló Vila-real (triathlon), Amics Handbol Onda (handball), Club Triatló Tritrail de Castelló de la Plana (athletics) and Penyagolosa Trails (racing).