Villarreal join Valencian sport movement against ALS
Villarreal join Valencian sport movement against ALS

Marcos Senna will attend the launch of the initiative, representing the Yellows

Villarreal CF, alongside the other big sporting teams from the Region of Valencia, and the Fundación Luzón, this November are joining the fight against amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). Marcos Senna, member of the Villarreal CF institutional relations department, will this Wednesday 3rd November (1pm CEST) attend the event called ‘Valencian sport against ALS’ (El deporte valenciano por la ELA) at the Palace of Arts in Valencia.

It is a campaign based on four basic pillars, raising awareness of the illness and its seriousness; generating visibility, raising funs for the fight against the disease, and mobilising the ALS community.

The event will be attended by education, culture and sports councillor Vicent Marzà; María José Arreguí, president of the Fundación Francisco Luzon and representatives from the major sports and social clubs from the region of Valencia.

Over athletes such as Berta Pujades and Jaume Domenech (Valencia CF), Natasa Andonova (Levante UD), Mike Tobey and Cristina Ouvina (Valencia Basket), Nerea Marti (motorsport), Héctor Garzo (motorcycling), Ana Pérez (jugo), Ricardo Ten (Paralympic cycling), Kim López (Paralympic athletics) and Borja Etchart and Marta Pérez (golf).

A constant fight

The Fundación Luzon works daily to increase awareness of the causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatemtn of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. It also proposes initiatives that promote its research. ALS is a degenerative disease that currently has no cure and insufficient health coverage.