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Villarreal continues to work with Herbolario Navarro
Villarreal continues to work with Herbolario Navarro

The club is extending its ties with the eco-friendly retailer, which will once again be its official food supplier

Villarreal CF has renewed its collaboration agreement with Herbolario Navarro. The Valencian company will thus continue to be linked to the Submarine for another season, making this the eighth as the club’s official food supplier. The signing of the renewed agreement was attended by Villarreal’s director of Medical Services and nutritional director, Héctor Usó, and the marketing director of Herbolario Navarro, Carolina Girbés.

The herbalist will continue to look after the health of the footballers with its multivitamin products and nutritional supplements. This alliance, which began almost a decade ago, is a great commitment for the entity and symbolises the firm commitment it has with Valencian sport, according to José Navarro, general manager of Herbolario Navarro.

Dietary supplements and natural and organic food are key for all sportsmen and women, especially for elite sports. Villarreal CF and its medical team are very committed to the health and performance of its players, considering natural and organic food as one of the fundamental pillars, always trying to instil in the players a health care from a natural and conscious perspective.

More information about Herbolario Navarro

Herbolario Navarro is an organic company founded in 1771 and since then it has continued to evolve, adapting herbal medicine and natural products to the needs of the times. With more than 250 years of tradition, the company has expanded from a small herbalist’s shop in Valencia to a network of organic supermarkets with shops in Barcelona, Albacete, Alicante, Balearic Islands, Cantabria, Castellón, Cuenca, Madrid, Murcia, Valencia, Valladolid, La Rioja and Vizcaya.

The company, whose commitment to health and wellbeing has been the driving force behind its foundation, sells everything necessary to enjoy natural health, always with the aim of offering products of the highest quality and with all the guarantees for the consumer.

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