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“Villarreal CF helped me to grow as a footballer and as a person”
“Villarreal CF helped me to grow as a footballer and as a person”

Noelia García, Elena Parra and Lucía Vilar, former Villarreal CF players, meet to reminisce about their beginnings at the Yellows and what that stage of their lives means to them

Noelia García, Elena Parra and Lucía Vilar belong to three very different generations and each tells their own story, but they all have one thing in common: they are all former players of Villarreal CF.

The three former players, who defended the club’s colours in defence for their respective teams, remember those early years with great affection and emotion. “I was part of the first Villarreal Women team that was created. They gave us the opportunity to show that football was no longer just for boys and I’m very grateful to the club for the opportunity,” said Noelia García. Meanwhile, Elena Parra claims to have spent ‘more than half her life’ inside the current José Manuel Llaneza Training Ground (formerly known as the Miralcamp Training Ground).

Undoubtedly, Villarreal CF has marked a before and after in their lives. “Villarreal CF helped me to grow as a footballer and as a person. It gave me values that I still hold today and that, at present, I try to pass on to the girls I coach at the club”. The three former players also agree that promotion to the First Division in the 2020/21 season was like “fulfilling a dream”.

Back in action as legends

Noelia García, Elena Parra and Lucía Vilar will be present at the I Triangular Llegendes Femenines tournament (date and time to be determined, after being postponed due to the fire in the Campanar neighbourhood of Valencia), which will bring together former Villarreal CF players, taking on other legends of Valencia CF and Levante UD.

“Something had to be done and, even more so, after having created the Villarreal CF Ex-Footballers’ Association. I think it’s important to visualise and see that we are still there,” said Noelia. For her part, Lucía was very excited to say that “it’s very exciting to be able to meet people who have been involved in the beginnings of the women’s section of the club.”