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Villarreal CF and QLASH join forces for League of Legends
Villarreal CF and QLASH join forces for League of Legends

The Yellows will participate in the Superliga Segunda in the prestigious video game by 2023

Villarreal CF and the eSports organisation QLASH have taken a step further and strengthened their relationship by joining together in a single team that will participate in Superliga Segunda El Corte Inglés. The joint proposal between both entities was one of the most valued by LVP (GRUP MEDIAPRO) to be in the second division of the best League of Legends competition in Spain.

After three years of partnership between QLASH and Villarreal CF, mostly focused on football videogames, the two Valencian organisations will compete together under the name of Villarreal QLASH, as well as having a new unified crest to bring together both visual identities.

Located in Valencia, where it has its Gaming House, QLASH is a well-known eSports organisation in Spain. With presence in different games, the club has achieved important titles such as being LVP Clash Royale Cup Champion, European Champion in Brawl Stars, winning the Dreamhack Valencia in Women’s Valorant and Fortnite and twice being Spanish champion n FIFA, among other achievements.

Villarreal Club de Fútbol, meanwhile, is undoubtedly one of Spain’s most important football clubs. Champions of the UEFA Europa League in 2021 and semi-finalists of the UEFA Champions League in 2022, the team from Castellón is a regular fixture in LaLiga and has had achievements in eSports with QLASH. Together, they were champions of the eLaLiga in 2020 and the eCopa del Rey in 2021, as well as contributing players to the Spanish national team on several occasions.

In 2023, Villarreal QLASH will compete in League of Legends Superliga Segunda El Corte Inglés alongside other well-known clubs from the national scene such as Real Betis, eMonkeyz Huesca SD, Case Esports (owned by footballer Casemiro), Falcons (owned by César Azpilicueta), AYM Esports (owned by Aymeric Laporte), ZETA, MAD Lions Madrid, Wizards and Ramboot.

Diego Griñan Malla, Country Managing Director of QLASH Spain, said: “We are delighted to achieve our goal of being part of Superliga Segunda El Corte Inglés. We have been working for years not only to professionalise our club but also to help the professionalisation of the whole eSports scene. Being in the national elite serves as a reaffirmation that we have been on the right path and doing it with a partner like Villarreal CF makes it even more ideal. We can’t wait to start competing.”

Carlos Bauset Alfonso, head of Villarreal CF’s eSports section, said: “Our link with eSports is not new and it is something we have committed to for several years now to reach out to young audiences and for them to identify with the club. We have always done it together with QLASH and that is why we are very happy to be part of Superliga Segunda El Corte Inglés as Villarreal QLASH. It is one more step in our partnership through which we will confirm our role in eSports in Spain.”

Finally, Jordi Soler, CEO of LVP, said: “We welcome Villarreal QLASH to the Superliga Segunda El Corte Inglés. They have a very powerful medium and long term sporting, economic and content project, so they will surely help us to take the Segunda to the next level. From LVP, we are very proud of the interest that the competition arouses at all levels: clubs, sponsors and community.”


QLASH is an eSports organisation with a strong presence in Spain, Italy and Latin America. Founded in 2017 by Luca Pagano, Eugene Katchalov and Alessandro Fazzi, QLASH positions itself as an innovative content company that builds communities in different games and bridges the gap between traditional brands and the young generation. QLASH has over 9 million accumulated followers across various social media channels and a proprietary platform, the QLASH Community, where eSports tournaments are held daily. For more information, visit

About Villarreal CF

Villarreal CF has been immersed in the world of eSports for several seasons, a sector in full expansion in recent years. After starting in 2016 in the VFO (Virtual Football Organization) competition, the Yellow Submarine are currently participating in eLaLiga Santander, the official Spanish FIFA competition, born thanks to the collaboration between LaLiga and Electronic Arts (EA).

In recent years, thanks to the strategic alliance reached with QLASH, the club has strengthened its commitment to eSports. Now, with the participation in League of Legends, the Submarine takes another step forward, breaking into the competition of this important video game.

About LVP

LVP (Liga de Videojuegos Profesional – League of Professional Video Games) is one of the largest operators of video game competitions in the world and the largest eSports organisation in the Spanish-speaking world. Through its headquarters in Barcelona, Madrid, Buenos Aires, Bogota and Mexico, LVP is present in more than 30 countries. It organises the most prestigious national competitions (such as the Superliga in Spain or the Master Flow League in Argentina) and major international tournaments, has online competition platforms (ArenaGG), manages events for third parties (such as the eLaLiga Santander for LaLiga and Electronic Arts) and distributes worldwide events such as the League of Legends European Championship (c) in Spanish. Part of GRUP MEDIAPRO, LVP also provides event production, advertising and audiovisual production services, covering all aspects of the eSports ecosystem.