Villarreal C visit the CRIS users in La Vall
Villarreal C visit the CRIS users in La Vall

David Albelda’s team and the Centre for Rehabilitation and Social Insertion take part in the Endavant programme together this season

Villarreal C visited the CRIS users at their headquarters in Vall d’Uixó. The users of the Centre for Rehabilitation and Social Insertion, who had already visited the players on a tour of the Estadio de la Cerámica, this time acted as hosts at home.

There, different activities were organised, such as ping pong games, in which players such as Mario Linares and Richard Franco took part against CRIS users and staff, or the assembly of a falla that emulated one of the boats of the Coves de Sant Josep in the La Vall d’Uixó. Unax del Cura and Vique Gomes took an active part in this task. The Basque player reproduced the logo of the Coves on the cardboard with great precision, while the player from Bisaigua learned about the Fallas tradition, something unknown to him, at the same time as he was painting the outside of the boat.

At the same time, other players such as Joan Ruiz, Fran Tafalla and Adri Suárez took part in the simulation of a radio programme. There, the Submarine’s promising young players were interviewed about their daily routines, the pressure or what training is like and they explained to the users in which league they compete and at what stage of their careers they are at.

Likewise, other players and users, such as Enric Martínez, Ludovic Zom, Christian Ferreres and Carlos Segura, took part in a workshop on anxiety, in which all parties learned how to manage it, both in sport and in life in general, and shared their experiences.

Villarreal C have added another activity with the CRIS La Vall teammates within the framework of Endavant Igualtat, a project in which the entire Yellows Academy is actively involved.