Villarreal B fall to Sevilla Atlético (2-1)
Villarreal B fall to Sevilla Atlético (2-1)

The B team fail to get a point from their visit to the Estadio Jesús Navas, despite an impressive first half

Villarreal B lost to Sevilla Atlético (2-1) after a tight match. The Yellows controlled the first half but were unable to make their dominance be reflected on the scoreboard.

The Andalusian side went ahead early on through Zarzana, who scored a great solo goal to make it 1-0. After the opener, the Mini Submarine woke up and looked good on the Estadio Jesús Navas pitch.

The Yellows were pushing the Andalusian side back, with the home team focused on defending their lead on the scoreboard. A great Nikita Iosifov goal after half an hour levelled the tie.

At the start of the second half, Sevilla Atlético once more went ahead. They scored just five minutes after the break. A Nacho Quintana goal after a great piece of play by Zarzana made it 2-1.

With the whole of the second half ahead of them, Villarreal B tried to level the scoring, but were unable to show the fluidity they did during the first half. Antonio Pacheco who, after getting on the end of a Nicolas Jackson pass in the box, but Javi Díaz made a great save.

Villarreal B will return to action this Saturday against San Fernando CD at 7pm CET at the Mini Estadi.


Sevilla Atlético: Javi Díaz; Valentino, Juanmi G., Kike Salas, Pablo Pérez; Juanlu (A. Peral, m. 77), Lulo, X. Sintes (Luismi Cruz, m. 2; Carlos Álvarez, m. 83), Capi, Zarzana (Carmona, m. 83); Nacho Quintana (Musa, m. 83).

Villarreal B: Jorgensen; M. A. Leal, Dela, Martín, Goyo (Tasende, m. 70); Lozano, A. Del Moral (Ahn, m. 87), Ramón Bueno (Pacheco, m. 70), Iosifov (D. Collado. m. 63); N. Jackson, Arana (Á. Forés, m. 87).

Goals: 1-0. Min. 10: Zarzana. 1-1. Min. 29: Iosifov. 2-1. Min. 50: Nacho Quintana.

Referee: Luis Bestard Servera. Booked: Juanmi G., Nacho Quintana, Zarzana (Sevilla Atlético); A. Del Moral, Ramón Bueno, Lozano, Arana (Villarreal B).

Matchday information: Match between Sevilla Atlético and Villarreal B, corresponding to Matchday 20 Primera RFEF Footters Group 20, at the Estadio Jesús Navas.