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Villarreal and the UJI present the Endavant Cátedra 2022
Villarreal and the UJI present the Endavant Cátedra 2022

The project allocated 30,000 euros in 2021 to provide scholarships to 41 university sportspeople of the UJI

The Joint Monitoring Committee of the Endavant Villarreal CF Cátedra of Sport of the Universitat Jaume I has met at the Ciudad Deportiva del Villarreal CF to approve the report of activities for the year 2021 and present the proposal of activities for the year 2022. The meeting was attended by Federico Alcácer, Villarreal CF general director of organisation and management; Tino Traver and Paloma Masó from Protocol and International Relations of the Club; Isabel García, vice-rector of studies and teaching of the UJI; and director of the Cátedra, Carlos Hernando.

The Cátedra has established itself as a major educational and research project in the field of sport and health. On the one hand, by promoting the practice of sport at the UJI, in which the 41 university sportspeople who received scholarships last year stand out. On the other hand, several research projects have been consolidated and have generated five research articles in high impact scientific publications.

The Villarreal CF scholarships for university athletes, through the Cátedra, celebrated their 10th anniversary and 41 athletes enrolled at the UJI in 17 different sports modalities and enrolled in 12 different university degrees benefited from them.

Some training activities had to be adapted or delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but Villarreal CF has continued to host eight students in curricular practices of UJI degrees during the academic year 2021/2022.

In the field of research, the Cátedra has continued to collaborate with the project “Physical activity for health from the running point of view”, which contributes to the improvement of the physical condition of the university community and the citizens of Castelló; and with the project “Breast cancer and physical exercise” in which 70 women have taken part. For the year of 2022, the new research project “Menstrual cycle and physical activity” has been launched.

Among the activities planned for the near future, the inauguration of the 5th International Mountain Running Congress, in which the Department is collaborating, will take place on 1st April, as well as a reception for elite athletes and the awarding of the Department’s scholarships on 7th April 2022. In addition, this year, coinciding with the club’s centenary, various activities and competitions will be held between the two entities.

The Endavant Cátedra, created through an agreement between the UJI and Villarreal CF in 2015, has as general objectives the promotion of training, research, dissemination of knowledge and innovation in the field of sport on the one hand, and on the other hand, the promotion of the practice and sporting competition among university students through educational scholarships.