Villarreal and Colorobbia, more united than ever
Villarreal and Colorobbia, more united than ever

Colorobbia España, part of the Colorobbia Group, based in Vilafamés, has become one of the main sponsors of the Estadio de la Cerámica

Villarreal CF and Colorobbia have reached an agreement for the business to become one of the main sponsors of the Estadio de la Cerámica. Colorobbia’s logo will be part of the façade of the new, spectacular Estadio de la Cerámica after the refurbishment.

The agreement was signed at the Vía Natura restaurant in Cabanes with the presence of Villarreal CF president Fernando Roig and vice-president José Manuel Llaneza; while Colorobbia GRoup CEO Loriano Bocini, Colorobbia Group board director Santigo Gil, Colorobbia España board member Santiago Gil and Colorobbia España manager Gonzalo Trilles represented Colorobbia.

COLOROBBIA was already one of the Estadio de la Cerámica sponsors, but before it was an official sponsor, and now it has become a main sponsor, alongside PAMESA, PORCELANOSA, ARGENTA CERÁMICA, TORRECID and ALTADIA.

The official sponsors are TAU CERÁMICA and BESTILE, while INCOGAS, VIDRES and KERAKOLL are official partners.

More information about Colorobbia España

Colorobbia España was founded in 1988, and over the years has become one of the largest facilities in the world for the production of frits, pigments and other products for the ceramics and glass industry.

The key to their success is the research and innovation invested into our technology and products, thus allowing them to acquire extensive knowledge of the best technical solutions, always with a view toward continuous improvement.

The DNA of their company is its people. Highly qualified professionals, connected with all members of the Colorobbia Group, ensures the acquisition of extensive technical, scientific and design know-how.

Their goal is to reach and maintain leadership status in the industry, creating added value together with our stakeholders.

This objective has important implications in their management model, their corporate culture and company ethics, given we have assumed a long-term commitment with the environment, our society and the law, both national and international. An example of that is their commitment to Villarreal CF.