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Villarreal Academy arrives in Vancouver
Villarreal Academy arrives in Vancouver

The Yellows have reached a collaboration agreement with Van City Pro Football Academy

Villarreal CF, through its international expansion project Villarreal Academy, has reached a collaboration agreement with VanCity Pro Football Academy. Founded in January 2018, the Canadian academy has more than 100 football players aged between five and 18 from Vancouver and the surrounding areas.

The collaboration between VanCity and Villarreal CF will be based on training coaches under the Yellows’ methodology and on development of the academy’s players in Vancouver. A weekly plan will be developed with Yellows Academy coaches and the Villarreal CF Methodology Department. Furthermore, thanks to this collaboration, the youngsters training at the academy will have the chance to participate in different programmes carried out by the Villarreal Academy initative in Spain, such as the TPE (Team Playing Experience), PTW (Player Training Week) or PDP (Player Development Program).

VanCity director Imran Tahid underlined the basis of this exciting project: “VanCity Pro Football looks for elite players who from the youngest age develop their positional play while thinking.” He also explained the reasons for working with Villarreal CF: “We decided to partner with Villarreal because of their ability to develop players, identify talent and for coaching education. When I visited Vila-real, I noticed the beautiful culture that Villarreal has created.”

The Canadian academy seeks to develop technically-gifted players who are great decision makers on and off the ball. This growth is born in a positive and fun learning context so players can develop, learn and thrive in their skills. Tahid also explained their long-term goals: “Our mission is to be the best quality academy for Villarreal, capable of providing opportunities for our players to play the beautiful game to the highest level possible.”