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‘Top Ten’ from the Yellows Reserves and Academy!
‘Top Ten’ from the Yellows Reserves and Academy!

You can now see the best goals scored by our young Yellows so far this season

Villarreal CF fans can now enjoy the best goals scored by the Submarine’s Reserve and Academy teams so far this season. And what a great start to the season it has been. The Villarreal C team and U19 A team are still undefeated, while the Villarreal B team have won three on the bounce and are climbing their way up the table. Many of the goals in this ‘Top Ten’ are from the three main Yellows Reserve and Academy teams, however there are also goals from youngsters of the U10 C and U12 F teams.

A special mention must be given to the Villarreal C team’s Víctor Moya ‘Chuca’, as two of his goals feature in the best ten chosen from the start of this season. The first was a brilliantly executed free kick that struck the top corner against Orihueloa at the Mini Estadi.

To watch the ‘Top Ten’ goals just click on the Video tab above.

‘Top Ten’ goals by the Yellows Reserves and Academy:

  1. Chuca (Villarreal C).
  2. Millán (U19 A).
  3. Chuca (Villarreal C).
  4. Jorge (U10 C).
  5. Carlos Martínez (Villarreal B).
  6. Raba (Villarreal B).
  7. Carlos Martínez (Villarreal B).
  8. Rubén (U10 C).
  9. Sena (Villarreal C).
  10. Álex (U12 F).