The ‘VI Trofeu Villarreal CF’ is here!
The ‘VI Trofeu Villarreal CF’ is here!

Vicente Iborra, Pau Torres and Raúl Albiol presented the sixth edition, which will take place between 13th and 20th May in Vila-real

This Thursday, Villarreal CF unveiled the sixth edition of the ‘Trofeu Villarreal CF’, a Valencian pilota tournament, in the presence of Valencian footballers Raúl Albiol, Vicente Iborra and Pau Torres. The event, hosted at the Miralcamp Training Ground, was also attended by the president of the Valencian Pilota Foundation, Joan Alepuz; and the Trinquet de Vila-real manager, Pepe Mezquita.

The following players taking part in the tournament also attended: Marc, Nacho, Bueno, José Salvador, Javi, Álvaro Gimeno, Santi, Carlos, Giner, Tomás II, Hilari and Puchol II, who is also an Endavant Esports athlete.

The VI Trofeu Villarreal CF, organised by the Villarreal CF Foundation in collaboration with the Valencian Pilota Foundation, will be played with the ‘Escala i corda’ variant and will start on Friday 13th May at the Salvador Sagols Trinquet in Vila-real.

That day, at 4:45pm CEST, the first semi-final will take place, with the team made up by Marc, Nacho and Bueno (red) against José Salvador, Javi and Álvaro Gimeno (blue). After the first match, at 6:30pm CEST, the second semi-final will take place with Puchol II, Santi and Carlos (red) facing Giner, Tomás II and Hilari (blue).

The winners of the VI Trofeu Villarreal CF will not be decided until the following week. On Friday 20th May, the final (6:30pm CEST), and the third-place play-off (4:45pm CEST) will take place at the same location, the Salvador Sagols Trinquet in Vila-real.

Villarreal CF, in its aim to develop the practice and following of the autonomous sport of the Region of Valencia, have established a large prize fund: €3,000 for the winning team, €1,500 for the runners-up and €750 for the third-placed team.