The ‘V Trofeu Villarreal CF’ is a reality
The ‘V Trofeu Villarreal CF’ is a reality

The Yellows’ Valencian pilota tournament returns in style after a break of a year for the COVID-19 pandemic

Villarreal CF is supporting Valencian pilota once more. This Thursday, the Yellows have announced the V Trofeu Villarreal CF: The tournament, which will be played in the scale and corda modality, will take place at the Salvador Sagols trinquet in Vila-real, and the following teams will take part: Puchol II, Jesús and Hilari; Marc, Félix and Bueno; J. Salvador, Nacho and A. Gimeno; and De la Vega, Javi and Carlos.

The unveiling of the tournament, which took part at the Estadio de la Cerámica, was attended by Yellows vice-president José Manuel Llaneza; Valencian Pilota Foundation president Pepe Catalunya; the Vila-real Trinquet manager Pepe Mezquita; as well as those taking part in the tournament.

The V Trofeu Villarreal CF will start this Friday,14th May, at 6:30pm CEST, with the first semi-final, where the team made up of J. Salvador, Nacho and A. Gimeno will face the trio made up of De la Vega, Javi and Carlos. On Saturday 15th May, at 5:45pm CEST, the second tie of the semi-finals will take place, where the team made up of Puchol II, Jesús and Hilari will face Marc, Félix and Bueno. Local television station À Punt will show the action live.

On Sunday 23rd May at 11.30am CEST, the Vila-real Trinquet will host the grand final with the two winning sides from the semi-finals. That will be shown live on LaLiga Sports TV. The third-place play-off will take part at 6:30pm CEST between the two losing sides in the semi-finals.

In the Endavant Esports Project, Villarreal CF supports provincial sport by helping clubs and athletes in the province of Castellón. Through this, the Yellows showed their commitment to Valencian sport as well, trying to increase awareness of it by celebrating a Valencian pilota tournament in Vila-real every year.