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The supporters’ association welcome the new Villarreal Women signings
The supporters’ association welcome the new Villarreal Women signings

The fans had a friendly chat with the new faces from Sara Monforte’s side

While it was unable to happen in person due to the ongoing pandemic, the Villarreal CF Official Supporters’ Association (Agrupació de Penyes del Villarreal CF – APV) wanted to welcome the new Villarreal Women signings, even if it was by a video call. The event took place this afternoon, with the new faces in Sara Monforte’s squad, as well as eight APV members and representatives from Teika, official sponsor.

The event started with a charming video made by the APV, before it became an amiable chat between everyone on the call. At the end of the call, a competition was held for signed shirts from the ten new players, while all APV members also got a special pack from Teika.

The players who took part were the following: Olivia Oprea, María Cienfuegos, Paula Arce, Kareylen Capdevilla, Rubí Soto, Jenifer Giménez, Mariela Coronel, Elena de Toro, Sara Martínez, Carmen Carbonell.

The fans from the APV who took part where: Javi Pérez (Agrupació de Penyes), Enrique Pérez (Penya Pardals Grocs), Jacinto Castilla (Peña Kassel from Germarny), Susana Herreros (Submarí Groc Vila-real), Óscar Royo (Llagostí Groc Vinaròs), Jorge Romero (Tribuna Groga), Diego Sánchez (Peña l’Os Groc from Madrid) and José Ángel Arnau (Peña Villarreal CF Vinaròs).

Teika’s communication director Puri Naya was also involved.

Watch the full event by clicking play on the main photo.