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The challenge of beating an unbeaten side
The challenge of beating an unbeaten side

Villarreal B will try at the Mini Estadi to overcome a Burgos CF side who have not yet conceded (Saturday, 9pm CEST)

Villarreal B head coach Miguel Álvarez appeared in front of the media in the pre-match press conference ahead of the game against Burgos CF, corresponding to Matchday 8 of the 2022/23 LaLiga SmartBank season, which will take place on Saturday 1st October at 9pm CEST at the Mini Estadi at the Miralcamp Training Ground. Here are the key points from what he had to say:

Difficulty of the opposition

“Burgos CF is a test, but we’ve had quite a few tests in just seven games. Burgos CF have gone seven games without conceding a goal, which is really impressive, and that all comes from previous hard work.”

Keys to the game

“I always say that the most important thing is to score one more goal than the opposition, and this is a perfect matchday to do so. At the Mini Estadi, we’re playing very well, but I would like to improve how we are starting and concede less in the last few minutes. We need to be a strong team in everything, as they are a side that can make things difficult for you.”


“We have two big challenges. The first is to score against them, but we also have to prevent them from scoring against us. The second is to beat them. These are interesting challenges and it’s not going to be an easy task, the boys know that.”

Continue progressing

“We are working hard and trying to improve our game day by day. We are trying to give the opposition fewer chances and to improve where the team is weakest. We are getting stronger every day without the ball. If we keep working the way we are, it will be more difficult to beat us every day.”