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The AUPA dog parade returns!
The AUPA dog parade returns!

The event, which will take place on 19th December at Bioparc in Valencia, will once more be in person

The AUPA charity parade is back! As has been a Christmas tradition for the last few years, the Valencian charity AUPA (Adopta un Perro Abandonado – Adopt an Abandoned Dog) will hold on Sunday 19th December a parade of abandoned dogs. The Valencian orgnaisation, alongside Fundación Bioparc, want to raise awareness of the situation, and encourage people to adopt animals.

The great piece of news this year is that the event will take place in person this year after having to be online for the past two events due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The event will take place at 12pm CET outside Bioparc Valencia and will be open to the public.

In recent years, AUPA and the Yellows Academy have built a close relationship through the Endavant Igualtat projecti. For more information, visit the AUPA website, which is