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Submarine falls in Mestalla (2-1)
Submarine falls in Mestalla (2-1)


Villarreal loses the derby against Valencia



Villarreal is defeated on their visit to Mestalla (2-1.) In a game where the Yellows lacked intensity and depth in many parts of the match and ended up falling to Valencia with two good goals that arrived at the end of the first half.

Marcelino’s men took things easy from the start. The Yellows tried to settle on the field and wait for the Black and Whites to take the lead. Within ten minutes, Pina was about to take the lead after a great serve in the area by Oliver, who stole the ball, but the shot of the manchego was off target. In the 15th minute, Asenjo once again proved his impressive form after a miraculous save on a one-on-one against Barragan. As the match progressed, the Yellows felt increasingly uncomfortable, especially on defense, where Valencia’s wingmen, especially the tandem Bernat and Fede, created many chances.

The focus then shifted to midfield, where the Yellows and Black and Whites were fighting over the ball. With ten minutes to rest, Javi Fuego got the ball over the area and, with a good shot, overtook Asenjo. The Spaniard was also the protagonist for Valencia ten minutes later scoring the second goal of the night. This made things very difficult for the Yellows. Comfortable with the outcome, Valencia went backwards with theis lines, looking for a final play that would kill the match. The Yellows, although more active, were impatient due to the lack of clear chances. Locals felt comfortable coming from behind, while Villarreal lacked the depth that would allow to break the lock of the local defense.

With seven minutes remaining, and almost by surprise, Perbet stole the ball and crossed it for Giovani, who made himself open and scored. The match reopened. Villarreal maintained its commitment and control of the ball, but there was not time for more. In the end, a defeated Submarine paid for its two errors.


Valencia Lineup: Diego Alves (Guaita, 20 ‘), Joao Victor Ruiz (Vezo, 46’), Mathieu Bernat, J. Fuego, Keita; Barragán, D. Parejo, Fede (Vargas, 83 ‘); Alcácer.

Villarreal Lineup: Villarreal CF: Asenjo; Jaume Costa, Musacchio, Gold, Jokic, Bruno, Pina, Cani (Moi Gomez, 78 ‘), Óliver Torres (Aquino, 61’), Uche (Perbet, 68 ‘) and Giovani.

Goals: 1-0 min. 34: Javi Fuego. 2-0 min. 43: Javi Fuego. 2-1 min. 83: Giovani

Referee: Pérez Montero (Andalusian Committee)
Yellow cards for Fede (76 ‘) for Valencia and Pina (34’), Cani (44 ‘) and Óliver (61’) for Villarreal.