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Showing character, key against Sporting
Showing character, key against Sporting

Miguel Álvarez calls for the B team to focus on their strengths against the Asturian side (Saturday, 4:15pm)

El entrenador del Villarreal B, Miguel Álvarez, compareció en la rueda de prensa previa al partido contra el Real Sporting de Gijón, correspondiente a la jornada 14 de LALIGA Hypermotion, que tendrá lugar este sábado en el Estadio de la Cerámica.

Here is what the Mini Submarine head coach had to say:

Another tough opponent

“It’s non-stop. Every week you have a big opponent in this league. Almost all of them have been in the top flight. It will be a very nice game against a side that if they are up there, it’s for a reason. They have an incredible squad and it’s going to be a very attractive and very difficult game.”

Real Sporting

“They are a team that have strengthened a lot this year. Last year’s head coach has stayed on and they have given continuity to a lot of things and the reinforcements have given them a plus as a squad. The teams at the top dominate key areas in this league, such as counter-attacks, wing play and set pieces. They have players with good feet and people who are in a good run of form.”

Absenses for both sides

“Without Haissem…. Queipo can play, Villalba can play… We have a lot of absentees, but we won’t get them back by crying. Faced with difficult challenges, we transmit to the boys that they have to wait for their moment and now other boys will come in. As always, we will adapt, because everything that happens doesn’t depend on us, but we will bring out the full potential of the squad. We have some absentees, but we’re also looking forward to making it difficult for them and winning at home.”

Performances with the first team

“If Alti and Carlos have stayed with the first team it is because they are doing very well. Young people need to be put in that showcase and given continuity. There they show their quality and their level and we are only one level below them. Yesterday Jorge played as the only striker and scored a goal, Diego came on and also made some good things happen. If they are protected in a context of very important players, they are undoubtedly better. When everyone is young it’s more difficult.”

Keys to the match

“That the guys show some character. We will be closer to our goal. Let them be aware of their individual growth. If we focus on set pieces or what we do wrong, we forget the most important thing, what we are good at. We are young people with a high level. We have to focus on that. The better we are offensively, the better we are defensively. We’re trying to give young people their place little by little, but it’s a toll we have to pay. Let nothing intimidate us. It’s eleven against eleven and we’re both in second division. The result will be what it will be, but if we have character we’ll be closer to winning.”