Ready to get started!
Ready to get started!

Villarreal Women start their league campaign this Saturday against Levante B (Saturday, 12pm)

Exciting times! Villarreal Women can’t wait to get back to league competition this Saturday against Levante B (12pm CEST) at the Villarreal CF training ground (Ciudad Deportiva), after being selected as the team to rest for Matchday 1.

For the third consecutive season, Sara Monforte will manage Villarreal Women, who have renewed their squad with nine new signings for the 2020/21 season: Mariela Coronel (centre midfielder), María Cienfuegos (midfielder), Olivia Oprea (defender), Elena de Toro (goalkeeper), Kareylen Capdevila (winger), Rubí Soto (striker), Paula Arce (defender), Sara Martínez (midfielder) and Yenifer Giménez (defender).

The new signings have added to an already solid block of players in Salma Paralluelo, Lara Mata, Sheila Guijarro, Sara Medina, María Sanjuán, Laura Royo, Cristina Díaz, Bea Prades and Yolanda Palomino. The youngster, Irene Miguélez, from the Villarreal Women B team is another new player for the Yellows first team squad.

The challenge of the Southern Group in Reto Iberdrola

This season Villarreal Women compete once more in the Southern Group of Reto Iberdrola (Second Division). The competiton will be played in two phases, the first phase is a regular season in which Monforte’s side will play with eight teams, and a second phase with specific stages. The four best teams from the A and B subgroups in the first phase will be put together in a new league of 8 teams that will compete for the title in the second phase.

The subgroup with the eight teams, formed by the last four teams in each group, will play to stay in the Second Division. The teams in the subgroups for promotion and relegation will play against the teams they did not compete against in the first phase of the season.

To determine promotion and relegation the league table from the first phase will be consulted for coefficients.   

To find out more about the Villarreal Women first team clink on the following link: Villarreal Women