Ready for a great game in Albacete
Ready for a great game in Albacete

Miguel Álvarez is aware of the difficulty of playing at the Estadio Carlos Belmonte against a team that are contenders for everything there is to win

Villarreal B coach Miguel Álvarez appeared at the press conference ahead of the match against Albacete Balompié (Saturday, 7pm, CET), which is vital if they are to remain at the top of the Primera RFEF. The Mini Submarine will be fighting to win at a fantastic ground, the Carlos Belmonte, against an opponent of the highest quality. This is how the Andalusian coach sees the match:

A game of great football

“Everyone is on fire. It will be a tremendous game, like the one against Andorra, who along with Albacete, are one of the most organised teams and have made some top signings who are from a different league. We’re going to compete as always. It’s great for us to play this type of match.”

A top opponent

“We have a lot of respect for the other teams, who are doing very well, but we have a fantastic atmosphere in the dressing room. We are being ourselves and we continue with the same message because that’s the reality. Albacete have a great team and we have to prepare well for matches at this level.”

The challenge of playing at Carlos Belmonte

“Albacete here pushed us at times. It’s important to be strong without the ball. We lost that line of defensive solidity. Before, it was very difficult to score a goal against us and we lost that, but we’ve been regaining it. From that solidity, we’ll be closer to being able to win. Besides, there will be a very good atmosphere with a lot of people and we have to deal with the crowd’s pressure. The home advantage will benefit them, as it did when we played here.”

The wonderful balance in Group 2

“It used to happen in the old Segunda B, where Group III was very strong. Now, this group is very evenly matched. I watch matches in the other group and they are also very good, but this one is very competitive. Anyone can beat anyone. It’s crazy. If you get sloppy, you drop to the bottom, but you’re also capable of getting to the top with a good run.”