Provincial talent in Villarreal’s U16s team
Provincial talent in Villarreal’s U16s team

Iker Adelantado and Jorge Casañ, who arrived at the club as youngsters, are the Castellon-born players in the Groguet squad

Iker Adelantado and Jorge Casañ are two of the most promising players in the Yellows Academy. Both are part of the U16s team (Cadete A) and are from the province of Castellón. Adelantado, born in Castelló de la Plana, and Casañ, born in Benicàssim, have the opportunity to live this season a milestone in their short but promising career: to win the Liga Autonómica Cadete. Both players are “very keen” to win the title.

Adelantado arrived at the club at U10 level, which is why he is currently playing his sixth season in the Yellows Academy. Casañ, on the other hand, arrived at Villarreal one season after his teammate. Since then, the two have played together in all the Yellows Academy teams through which they have progressed.

One of the dreams of both players is to be able to play at the Estadio de la Ceràmica and experience “historic nights” such as the last Champions League semi-final that Villarreal played against Liverpool. The two youngsters enjoyed the match with their families and contributed in the stadium to create that magical atmosphere that was lived at the home of the Submarine.

Adelantado and Casañ are aware that Villarreal CF is committed to local talent, which is why both players are very attentive to players from the region who have made it to the first team, or are about to do so. In the case of Adelantado, the midfielder admits that he watches “a lot of Villarreal C games”. One of the players he watches the most is Rodri Alonso. “I watch him a lot. What’s more, his brother is a good friend of mine”, says the U16s midfielder.

On the other hand, Casañ plays as a defender, and his reference is none other than Pau Torres. “I watch a lot of videos of him, as we have a very similar style of play”, confesses the Miralcamp-trained defender.

The two players stand out for their good ball driving ability, although each one plays from a different position. Casañ declares that he feels “very comfortable” bringing the ball up the pitch from the back. “I prefer to go out and play than to give a pilota”, says the ‘groguet’ centre-back. In the case of Adelantado, he also admits that he prefers to have “possession of the ball”. “Playing for Villarreal guarantees that you will be the protagonist with the ball and you will carry the rhythm of the match”, says the midfielder.

One of the best moments the two players have experienced during their time at Yellows Academy is their participation in LaLiga Promises when they were playing in U12s. “At that age it’s the furthest you can go,” Casañ says. What’s more, that year they also travelled to New York to play in LaLiga Promises International.

Very attentive to their U14s teammates

Adelantado and Casañ do not lose sight of the Infantil A (U14s), a team that also plays in the Valencia-wide league and, like the U16s, they lead the standings. Adelantado admits that, when he can, he watches the U14s games. “When they play after us, I stay to watch them because they play against the same clubs.”