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Pepe Reina’s endearing interview with Aspropace
Pepe Reina’s endearing interview with Aspropace

The goalkeeper answered the questions from the users of the Castellón special centre

Villarreal goalkeeper Pepe Reina took part in a very special interview with the users of the Aspropace Foundation, who came to the José Manuel Llaneza Training Ground to meet the goalkeeper first hand.

The members of Aspropace, accompanied by Villarreal C players Pancho Bonfiglio and Mángel Ruiz, as well as several members of the coaching staff of the C team, enjoyed a unique and very intimate meeting, in which the users asked him various questions and concerns about the successful career of the Villarreal CF goalkeeper.

Fundación Aspropace and Endavant Igualtat

Aspropace is a non-profit organisation that works with people affected by cerebral palsy, with the firm intention of improving their quality of life and that of their families. Founded in 1979, this organisation manages with care and dedication a school and rehabilitation centre, where users receive specialised physiotherapy, communication and speech therapy treatments.

This association is part of the Endavant Igualtat programme. This project, promoted by Villarreal CF, is committed to the education and personal development of grassroots football players. The main teams of the Yellows Academy, as well as the women’s first team, support different special centres in the province of Castellón, with the added objective of helping the members in their personal growth and with a sensitivity to the needs and difficulties of others, sharing their experiences with them in an enriching exchange of values that promotes and favours the growth of both parties.

The initiative consists of carrying out social activities throughout the season, with regular meetings both at the associations’ centres and at Villarreal CF’s facilities. As far as they are able, members of the centres attend matches and cheer on their teams at the Training Ground.

The special centres participating in the different Endavant Igualtat activities are the following: Asociación de Familiares de Personas con Alzheimer (AFA), CPEE La Panderola, Down Castellón, CAU (autism), Aspropace (cerebral palsy) and CRIS La Vall (mental illness), Virgen de Gracia Senior Citizens’ Home, Plana Baixa Shelter (Diagrama Foundation) and Villarreal EDI (team with intellectual disabilities).