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Miguel Álvarez: “The team is in great shape”
Miguel Álvarez: “The team is in great shape”

The coach is confident that the team is in good physical condition for the visit to Burgos (Sunday, 2pm CEST)

Villarreal B head coach, Miguel Álvarez, appeared at the press conference ahead of the Mini Submarine’s clash with Burgos CF, which will take place this Sunday at 2pm CEST at El Plantío.

Here’s what he had to say ahead of the clash:

Victory against Espanyol

“It is an injection of belief in what we are working on, that little by little we are improving, we are adjusting things. There is still a lot to improve, undoubtedly. They are starting to recognise what we have been doing all these years: a team that presses hard, that looks for the opposition in their own half, that we don’t let ourselves go down but that the opposition have to do it, and that we put a very high tempo into the game. You could see it the other day, the lads looked very comfortable against a team with brutal potential. It’s something to be happy about, because the team is becoming more recognisable every day. Obviously with a win it’s easier, because with a win you grow more”.

State of fitness

“The team is in great shape and we’re emotionally very good, because the three points from the other match strengthens us. Knowing that it’s just three points, matchday 10 and we still have a long way to go.”


“They have changed their head coach, but they have a lot of the same squad as last year. It’s a team that all the players are well known. They have played five games at home and have taken 13 points, conceding one goal and scoring seven goals. It’s a tough game. We’ve competed well in the away games we’ve played recently, but we’ve lacked a little bit of a point. They have player number 12, which is the fans, and that’s a plus.”

Unresolved issues

“Of the last three away games, we’ve taken three points, which are three draws. Burgos haven’t won away yet, for example. Every week we work harder, because we know that what we’re doing now doesn’t come when we compete away. Things come through work and we are working. In every match, all the things you have foreseen never happen. We’re on course to be able to beat anyone. I’m focused on getting on the right track, improving so we can break the pattern of not winning away.”