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“Llaneza will always be key to Villarreal Women’s progress”
“Llaneza will always be key to Villarreal Women’s progress”

Sara Monforte remembered the Yellows’ vice-president in the build-up to the match ahead of UDG Tenerife (Sunday, 12pm CEST)

Villarreal Women head coach Sara Monforte appeared in front of the media ahead of the upcoming match against UDG Tenerife, corresponding to Matchday 6 of the 2022/23 Finetwork Liga F season (Sunday, 12pm CEST) at La Palmera. Monforte wanted to dedicate some words to José Manuel Llaneza. Here are the key points.

In memory of José Manuel Llaneza

“I think the fact that they are naming the training ground after José Manuel Llaneza is well deserved. I think it’s a very good choice, because he deserves everything. For us, as Villarreal Women, Llaneza was the person who insisted that he wanted to have the women’s team in the top flight and he achieved it. Thanks to him we have been able to achieve everything we have achieved, without him it would have been impossible. All the players know perfectly well how important José Manuel Llaneza is, has been and always will be for us. He is a figure who will always be in our thoughts, as well as in the process and progress of Villarreal Women.

“On a personal level, I consider him to be the most charismatic person in this club. I have been here for five years and he has educated me in values: values of the club, values of Villarreal and values of life. He was a very close and demanding person with everyone, but that is what has made this club advance so much. We have all had something broken inside us and it will never be the same. The truth is that we are all saddened, but it will also make us stronger. The club, from today, has a person who is watching us and who, as he was, will give us a lot of strength. Everyone needs to get ready, because now we will get to where we want to be.”

The team’s form

“The team is doing very well. Obviously last week’s game, the 0-5 defeat against Sevilla FC, hurt and left us all a little bruised. The truth is that it helps us to keep working and try to keep improving, which is what we always try to do. The players, along with the coaching staff, know where that improvement is coming from, so we’re going to Tenerife in the best possible shape. We’re going to try to compete, as we know it’s going to be a tough and difficult game, because it’s a complicated stadium.”

The opposition

“Everything depends on us. If we’re 100% in the game and we’re clear about what we have to do, I think that’s the key to the game. UDG Tenerife are a team that have changed coach. José Herrera is a football scholar and probably one of the best tactical coaches, as he used to be an analyst, and I’m sure he has studied us a lot. Tenerife is a team that has changed a lot, it’s a team with a different model of play, very clear and adaptable.”

RCD Espanyol, opponents in the Copa de la Reina

“It is a competition that I have a special affection for. When I was a player I liked it a lot and now as a coach, I made my debut last season. I like RCD Espanyol, because they are a team that let you play, and they are going to be a very tough opponent, who could very well be in the First Division. It’s going to be special for me too, because I played there for four years and I’m very fond of their fans. I think it will be very nice and it will also be an opportunity to see players who until now have had less minutes and even to see players from the B team. In fact, I’d like them to be able to play, because I think they are working very well with us and we’re really looking forward to it.”