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La Cerámica as a fortress for survival
La Cerámica as a fortress for survival

Villarreal B host Elche on Sunday at 4:15pm CET at La Cerámica

Villarreal B head coach Miguel Álvarez appeared at the press conference ahead of the match against Elche CF, which will take place this Sunday at 4.15pm at the Estadio de la Cerámica, on Matchday 30 of the 2023/24 LALIGA Hypermotion.

Here is what the Villarreal B head coach had to say

Continuing the good form at La Cerámica

“Against Eldense the team started off playing very well and the penalty changed everything. We made mistakes again. We have to do a lot more away and we’re taking longer than we’d like, but I want to focus on what’s imminent, which is Elche. They’re the best team in 2024, they’ve only scored one goal against them. They have a belief now and they have strengthened very well, but we play at home and, since November, we have been very strong. Winning at home is what is going to give us a possible ticket to the final objective, which is to stay in the division. We want to focus on that. I think the lads are very strong here.”

How to cause Elche problems

“Doing what we are doing so far. We have certain weaknesses that our opponents know, but if we defend deep at the back we are less of a team. One of the important things will be to have a lot of personality at home and go after them in medium-high pressure, so that their individual and collective resources don’t flourish, because they’re a team that puts a lot of people up front, but we can also make them run. We have this internalised thought that we are very strong at home. If we’re capable of thinking about it, we’ll do it.”

Iker and Alti after the Europa League

“They have already trained with us today. I always say that they are capable of going with the first team, being in the Europa League and arriving home at five in the morning and at 9:30am watching a video of the opposition and at 10:30am training at a very high level. That is the greatness that we have here, that there is a culture of work and effort and a sense of belonging. And they are two different players; Iker has been here for many years and Alti has just arrived this year, but he already has a great sense of belonging.”

Pablo Iñiguez

“He is a very important person for us. He falls and gets up. He falls down again and gets up again. The young guys we have still have a lot of emotional growth to do and he’s a very important player because of what he represents to the guys. He helps us to get them situated and to talk to them about situations that are going to come up. He helps them a lot in their day-to-day personal and sporting life. On the pitch, he’s an experienced man who’s older than the rest. We are happy because he is back on the pitch. We have 13 important finals left and it will be important for him to help us in the games where he can help us.”